MasterChef Australia 2015 Top 24 cooks revealed

MasterChef Australia has revealed the top 24 cooks that will get a chance to win the MasterChef 2015 title. They are:

Georgia Barnes, 27, Queensland, Health Product Rep
Jacqui Ackland, 40, Victoria, Medical Scientist
James Bell, 23, Queensland, Financial Analyst
Jamie Ward, 30, Victoria, Construction Project Manager
Jarrod Trigg, 29, Victoria, Civil Engineer
Jessica Arnott, 29, Western Australia, Food Sales Assistant
John Carasig, 36, Victoria, Flight Attendant
Kha Nguyen, 25, Victoria, Retail Sales Assistant
Kristina Short, 28, Tasmania, Customer Service Manager
Marcus Cher, 31, Victoria, Freelance Industrial Designer
Mario Montecullo, 38, New South Wales, Bar Owner
Matthew Hopcraft, 43, Victoria, Dentist
Melita Tough, 41, Victoria, Stay At Home Mum
Rose Adam, 37, South Australia, Workplace Trainer

Reynold Poernomo, 20, New South Wales, Student
Sara Oteri, 26, Western Australia, Advertising Creative
Stephen Rooney, 31, New South Wales, Recruitment Specialist

Amy Luttrell, 29, Tasmania, Hairdresser
Andrea Farinha, 18, New South Wales, Student
Anna Webster, 28, Victoria, Student
Ashleigh Bareham, 23, Queensland, Childcare Worker
Ava Stangherlin, 23, New South Wales, Visual Merchandiser
Billie McKay, 23, New South Wales, Restaurant Manager
Fiona Grindlay, 31, Queensland, Marketing Manager.


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